Mike joined in the Beer Revolution in his home state of Texas in 1993 and began brewing in earnest in the garage. This love of beverage culminated in a trip to Corvallis, Oregon, to attend a Fermentation Science course at Oregon State University in 1997. On a field trip to the professor’s house, Mike was introduced to home winemaking and back-yard viticulture. With his interest piqued, he joined his friend for harvests starting in 1998, and became hooked on the Willamette Valley wine scene. In 2006 he bought a vineyard under contract to Owen Roe, which allowed him to make his first four barrels of wine. After the wine received a 90 from the Wine Spectator, the decision was made to go pro. Merriman Wines has been enjoying accolades from the press ever since. In addition to Merriman Estate, the Cummins Road wine was added in 2008 and the Old Vine Chenin Blanc was started in 2009 from a leased vineyard in Washington.

We hope you enjoy our wines as much as we've enjoyed making them. If you have any questions about our wines or our approach to winemaking feel free to contact us.

Michael Merriman